Video lottery fun

There are several different games for gamblers to choose from on video lottery machines, these are my favorite.

I am a gambler, I enjoy trips to the casino with my mom or dad on occasion. I am not talking about in life — rather at the casino. When I step back and think about it, there are three types of gamblers I’ve met in my life.

1) The “I don’t gamble” gambler: Probably the smartest of the three. These are the people who are given a scratch ticket and will at least scratch it off, but you will never see them buying one themselves. The will of these people to not throw a $20 bill in the machine to see if they can double their money is admirable. 


2) The “win a little and cash out” gambler: The one who rarely bets the maximum amount but rather a smaller amount that will allow them to play longer. The one who is hesitant about the risk of spending money, but is too curious to not take the chance of doubling their money. However, if this gambler does manage to win, they typically will cash out. 


3) The “Play until you win big” gambler: These people bet the max and are “all in” from the time they sit down on a machine or at the blackjack table to the time they “win big” or lose all the money they came with. These people don’t mind putting $100 bills in the machine and betting $2 every time they punch the button. Win or lose, they are betting to win big. 


I’d fall into the second option, mostly. What’s life without a little risk. What king of gambler are you?