Digestive system graphic

Team of doctors diagnose human digestive system

Hopefully, the headline hasn’t already scared the $%&@ out of you and you are still reading. In all seriousness, what I thought was going to be an awkward, unsettling procedure turned out to be easy peasy.

The staff at the Hawarden Regional Healthcare were wonderful. There was hardly any wait at all in the lobby.
My mom Dee took me, as I was unable to drive home after and while it seemed fairly early for me who had been up all night — “prepping,” my mom loves the early mornings — I was so grateful to have her along. 
Let me tell you, the “prepping” I mentioned in the last paragraph that was the hardest part of the entire procedure. When they say you will be up all night on the toilet, listen to them because you will be.
The 1 p.m. drink that was full of some lemon flavoring for me was the worst — I could barely drink any of it before being grossed out completely by that sour lemon taste. Once I got to the gallon jug, with no flavor — my prep game became strong.
Back to the procedure. I don’t know why but for some strange reason I thought I would be back in that freezing surgery room, everyone would be in blue surgical gowns with those funny hats and it would be bright and just like when I had my most recent thoracic outlet syndrome surgery.
But it wasn’t. 
The staff greeted me, they were three people I knew, which at first I thought "perhaps I should have gone somewhere no one knew me for this," but I quickly realized these people cared more than perhaps they would at other places where they didn’t have a clue who I was.
The anesthesiologist was so nice, and the doctor too. They both were thorough in their explanation and after their discussion  that is when I thought I would be putting my feet up in straps and be somewhat violated on the table  I  found I was completely mistaken.
“Roll to your left side Katie and just place your right leg over your left,” one of the surgery techs said. 
“That’s it?” I asked. “I guess that does make sense, but why was I thinking there was going to be so much more to it?”
We all had a chuckle and before I knew it I was awake in the room and with my mom again ready to get the heck out of there. The fed me toast and orange juice and I was good to go. 
The nurses at HRH were great too. They all were arguing when we first got there on who was going to get to start my IV. (Let’s just say no one wanted the challenge that day) But, first time, first poke and now this nurse says “they will be calling me in now all the time,” we just laughed.
Anyhow, what I really wanted to say is, don’t be afraid to have a colonoscopy. It really isn’t that bad and also it just may help you get your $%&@ together.