Take 5: Fishing at Sunset

I’m going through a bit of a drought.

I don’t have a new fishing tale to relate because I haven’t been fishing that much lately.

Gasp! I know, it’s crazy to me too.

I keep track of the days I go fishing by making a little mark on my calendar. That habit started just because I was curious to see what the total would be after a year, and it made for a good Take 5 several months ago.

Well, the summer has flown by and I realized I hadn’t even attempted to catch a fish for a couple weeks. When I counted on the calendar it was worse than I thought.

Five days in June. One day in July, just one!

And here I sit on Monday, Aug. 12, having not attempted to catch a fish yet this month.

I would say I’m starting to have fishing withdrawal, but in all honesty the summer has flown by so fast I almost didn’t notice.

That’s not to say I haven’t scratched the fishing itch in other ways.

YouTube screen time seemed to spike significantly via videos of various pro anglers reeling in monster fish.

I’ve also been daydreaming about how to set up my new shed as a fishing man cave of sorts.

Neither are a true substitute for being on or near the water and casting for the real thing.

So I’m looking forward to fall as things slow down a bit, and the fish once again move closer to shore.

Even the leeches languishing in the fridge in my garage are probably ready for a change of scenery!