Lana's blue hair

I promise this photo of staff writer Lana Bradstream's blue hair was taken with her permission.

I was told I should write a Take 5 about my ringtones  they are varied and always a surprise when my smartphone rings in the office.

I assign specific ringtones to people, ones that I can easily identify with without taking the effort to pick up the phone and looking at the screen. Never underestimate the capacity for laziness.

For example, my ringtone for my husband is Predator noises and screams. Why? He is a big Predator fan and I have only met a handful of other people who out-testosterones Anthony. 

The ringtone for Boyden-Hull's Elementary is Cookie Monster's "C Is For Cookie." It's educational and full of childish fun. 

My co-worker Kate Harlow has a ringtone of the Minions singing. She is cheerful, delightful and is wonderful at making me laugh. 

The general ringtone of my phone also changes, depending on my mood. If I feel doomy and gloomy then "Oh Fortuna" from the "Carmina Burana" will play; goofy, "Fat Guy In a Little Coat;" contemplative, "Chevaliers de Sangreal;" busting a move, "GDFR."

It's fun and brings surprise and light-heartedness to any given day. 

On a side note: Since I started going gray at the age of 3, I have had plenty of experience with hair dye. However, I woke up this morning with blue hair. I dyed my hair last night (Sunday, July 28), going for a black color. Everything went well during the process but for some reason, my hair now has a distinct blue tone. 

So, I need a good cause to support until I get back to normal. Something blue is associated with. How about:

  • Save the Waves?
  • Free Speech and Freedom of the Press?
  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction?
  • House of Ravenclaw?
  • Smurf Liberation?
  • Sam the Eagle?

I'm sure there are more but those are the ones that stick out to me the most. Today all blue causes get my support, that is until I dye my hair again tonight. Then it might be all purple causes will get my support.