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The optimists out there like to say there is a reason to celebrate each and every day.

In doing a little research, that appears to be more and more the case as people find different ways to dedicate days or even months to a particular cause, a concern or just decide they want to do something fun that day.

For example, did you know that November is Native American Heritage Month? It is also Epilepsy Awareness Month. Slightly more famous is the fact that it’s Movember, a month when men stop shaving and let their beards and mustaches grow in order to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

It’s also Adoption Month, which has taken on a special meaning for me since my wife’s family adopted her when she was a baby.

Then you start to get into the more unusual stuff. November is officially novel writing month. While some have suggested I should do that, I don’t see it happening. That would require time and patience. I have very little of either. 

Plus, if it is fiction, it would require climbing deep inside my own mind. It’s scary in there. I don’t want to do that.

It’s also world vegan month. If that’s your choice, more power to you I guess. I’m going to chose to remain a carnivore.


I have expanded my palate as I’ve grown older and will eat a few more veggies now, but nothing will ever replace a prime cut of meat grilled over charcoal.

It’s manatee awareness month, which I suppose is a good deal since the species is threatened. However, there is no ocean anywhere near where I live, and I don’t know a ton of people who live where the manatees are so it’s not like I can give them all a ring and tell them to watch out for them.


Moving on, it’s pomegranate month and peanut butter lovers’ month. Again with the foodstuff. At least I enjoy both of those things, which is more than I can say for most vegetables.

Narrowing it down a bit, Nov. 12-18 is talk money week. Hard pass on that here. The thing about money is I don’t have any and thinking about it gives me a headache.

The 11th-17th is human-animal relationship week. Now that is more my speed. I could talk all day about my dogs, Lilly and Moxie. No matter how bad my day might have been, it makes me smile to see them coming running for the door wagging their tails when I come home. Well, technically, Moxie doesn’t have a tail, so she just wiggles her whole body. Basically, Lil is the good dog who is so smart she almost seems human. She definitely makes me understand why Charles Schultz made Snoopy in the "Peanuts" comics more like a kid than a dog. Moxie, on the other hand, isn’t the brightest dog I’ve ever had. She’s stubborn and hard to train. She gets bored and chews on absolutely everything. She always seems to be in trouble. Some people think she’s mean, but she’s actually loving and cuddly around her family. They are both adorable and I love them. They very much get treated like they are my daughters.

Getting back to the conversation, today (Tuesday, Nov. 12) specifically is Pizza With the Works Except for Anchovies Day. Why someone thought there needed to be a day for that, I’m not sure. It’s also Chicken Soup for the Soul Day, which seems like a marketing ploy.

On the other hand, Nov. 12 is also Happy Hour Day. Now that I can get behind.


It’s a tradition that goes back to the days of Shakespeare. Apparently, around 1913 the U. S. Navy took to using the term "happy hour" to refer to any period of indulgence. During the time of prohibition, happy hour referred to when people would slip into a speakeasy before heading out to restaurants no longer able to serve alcohol. In more modern times, there are many establishments that offer discounted prices on their offerings during certain times of the day.

Hopefully, when I’m done here, I can get to one of them.