Randy's new planner

Randy Paulson's new planner arrived toward the end of August while he was still using the final pages of his planner from college. 

I’ve used planners to keep my schedule organized ever since middle school, and I don’t plan on switching up my method any time soon.

I did, however, buy a new planner a few weeks ago that is not connected in any way to school, which is where I have bought all my previous planners.

In college, I would go to the school bookstore at the start of every year and buy the $6 Simpson College-branded planner the store always sold. I recorded everything on those four little booklets: assignment and project deadlines, test dates, my work-study schedule and any other activities I had going on.

Those planners kept me organized and let me know exactly what I needed to be doing each day. All I needed to do was make sure my less-than-neat handwriting made sense to me days or weeks after I jotted something down.

The planner I bought from the Simpson bookstore my senior year had entries through the end of August, which meant I kept using it after I began working at Iowa Information Publishers and Printers in Sheldon.

When I noticed the last week of entries was approaching, I did a quick search online for a fresh planner and had it delivered before the end of August arrived.

I’ve quickly become used to my new planner two weeks into September. I especially appreciate how it has a built-in pen holder and thumb tabs to quickly locate each month. 

I'm sure the planner will serve me well until its entries eventually run out next summer.