Puffy vest, leggings and hats

My favorite season is soon to be upon us, quicker than I am sure most would have liked. Something about puffy vests, hats and leggings have me excited for Fall.

OK, so I love fall. But, I am not one of those people literally “in love” with everything fall has to offer.

You will not see me eating 20 times more the pumpkin spice flavor, or even flaunting mocha frappe’ anythings.
What you will see, is me in my puffy vests, leggings and sometimes even a baseball cap to hide my outgrown roots on my hair, because let's face it: It is going to be FALL Y’ALL!
Now, I also enjoy the other seasons, so don’t think that I am being a downer, I just think fall has so many beautiful opportunities for growth and change.
Just as the leaves change, harvesting begins and we are all succumbed by pumpkin everything, it is a great time to also look at ourselves and see if we need to let go of things or change.
A breath of a crisp fall morning air is heavenly to me. It clears my lungs and my mind all while sending a sense of calmness to my heart. Something I have been longing for and am sure there are others reading this who could agree.
Sweatshirt season is my favorite too, which I believe is falls in line with fall.
Being able to wear sweatshirts because it is a bit chilly is a win-win for everyone and fall just makes going for walks less stressful. You aren’t dying from the heat, now you're just dying because you are out of shape — or maybe that is only me.
Whatever the case, the first day of Fall is quickly approaching — Sept. 23 — so let's all enjoy what it brings and be thankful for all those we have to enjoy it with.