Ty Rushing checking out Take 16

Ty Rushing enjoying a flight at Take 16 Brewing Co. in Luverne, MN.

Sheldon is on the cusp of it getting its first modern brewery and I’m beyond excited for that!

(Read more about that below)

I’m a firm believer in speaking things into existence and I feel like myself and some of Sheldon’s other craft brew fiends dreamed this into existence.

I should also give kudos to Tami Vander Veen and Lora Meendering for being the people who are actually trying to bring this amenity to the community.

Anywho, about six weeks ago, rural Sheldon native Don McDowell and I were shooting the breeze about the need for a brewery here in town, something he has clearly put a lot of thought into. A week before that, I had a similar conversation with councilman Wayne Barahona.

One of the interesting takeaways from the conversation with Don is that he and his brother Andrew had already come up with a bunch of cool ideas for beer names should that ever happen.

Allow me to share a few of the McDowell’s crafty monikers:

Orab Orange Peel: Don notes this one would be similar to Blue Moon, which is brewed with orange peels.

Embezzlement Ale: You can’t be the town known for the largest banking embezzlement in American history and not play that up.

Prairie Queen Pale Ale: The Prairie Queen Mill was a big part of Sheldon’s early history, so this also is super fitting. Also, one of Sheldon’s former nicknames is the Prairie Queen City.

Orab Black Stout: I love dark beers and I can already taste this nonexistent brew.

Marigold Lager: Another one of Sheldon’s former nicknames is the Marigold City and our community’s Wikipedia page still references the annual display of marigolds.

Pucci’s Pilsner: A tribute to Sheldon’s fallen pizza parlor that had to be de demolished after falling into disarray. Coincidentally, Pucci’s was previously Sheldon State Bank, where the aforementioned embezzling took place.

I also have a few beer name ideas of my own:

Langer’s Lager: A collaboration with another Sheldon business? Yes, please!

*The Sheldon Pale-Sun: I don’t like pale beers much but I do like puns and newspapers.  *This was councilman Shawn Broesder's idea! He let me know after the post went up!

Pavillion Porter: Sold exclusively at Crossroad Pavilion event center.

White Wolf Web Wheat: A wheat beer that will make you stop the presses. 

REVIEW Red Ale: Yes, another newspaper pun but they are paying me to write this right now so gotta give the bosses their money’s worth.

O’Brien County Oktoberfest: This beer would be seasonal, obviously.

So what are some beer names you have in mind? Leave them in the comments or tweet them to @rushthewriter.