Kids say the darndest things

Harrison Harlow loves to help entertain his little sister, Anna. He thinks it's particularly funny when she tries to "eat" his fingers.

I think that most parents, grandparents or people who routinely deal with young children will agree that when a child opens their mouth, you never really knows what's going to come out. 

Sometimes it's embarrassing. Sometimes it's illuminating. Sometimes it's funny. 

When one of these comes out of my son's mouth I try to always write them down so I can look back and remember. I thought I'd share a few of his most recent ones. I hope you enjoy.

Cookie Monster cookies

My son loves to bake with me. His favorite things by far is cookies or banana bread. Usually we make standard chocolate chip, but this past weekend I decided we should do something a little special. I asked him if he wanted to make monster cookies. 

"Monster cookies" he said with awe. "Like Cookie Monster cookies?"

"Sure," I said.

And so it began.


Now that's what he calls them. Not monster cookies, but Cookie Monster cookies. And to top it off with an extra dollop of adorable, he makes the famous Cookie Monster sounds when eating these cookies. 

"Nom, nom, nom."

Post office

One day a few weeks ago, I told my son that we had to make a quick stop at the post office. 

He started having a fit.

He. Did. Not. Want. To. Go. To. The. Post. Office.

I tried to get him to explain why but, because he’s only 2 years old, he wasn’t able to describe it in so many words that I actually understood.

Once we got to said post office he was fine. They nice lady behind the counter even gave him a candy cane. 

Then a few days later I whacked my knee on a corner and started bleeding a little bit.

My son said, “Mama have to go to the post office?”

Light bulb.

He had “doctor’s office” and “post office” mixed up. 

Things made so much more sense now. 

Silly goose

I called my son a silly goose, because he was being one. Now it’s one of his favorite things to say. 

“Mama, you silly goose.”