Tennessee pizza

A Tennessee pizza at The Lunch House in Rock Valley is not only a treat for the eyeballs, but the taste buds, as well. It features spinach, tomatoes, chicken and a garlic sauce.

Writing on an empty stomach can be hard. Writing about food on an empty stomach is just torture.

In the nearly two years that I’ve been with The N’West Iowa REVIEW, I’ve done stories on a handful of area eateries and culinary artists. I haven’t always had the pleasure of trying their masterpieces, but hearing about their passion and the creativity they express in their work is always a great experience.

All of us in the newsroom have powered through cravings to churn out stories about the tastes of N’West Iowa.

Here are the assignments that have made my stomach growl:

Staff writer Lana Bradstream caught the perfect image for a pizza lover while handling the photos for this story. 

“We’re just trying to provide quality food in our vastly growing community,” The Lunch House owner Julee Hugie said. “We have a vision to be recognized for excellence in whatever we do business in. That’s what drives the quality of the food we have. The purpose is to provide good food fast in the heart of Rock Valley.”

Ma Shirley's Lunch Shaq keeps downtown Inwood smelling good during the summer months. The Shaq serves burgers and dogs daily, along with a revolving menu of specials. Sometimes I think about the chicken wrap while I'm eating my turkey sandwich at work.

This was my second interview with Chad Mahler of Sutherland. He competes in barbecue competitions throughout N'West Iowa with quite a bit of success. I'm not a bologna fan but he made it sound good. Check out the first story about Mahler here.

Food allergies and sensitivities are a reality for many people. Jodie and Justin Metzger started Blue Acres Market to help people with their dietary needs. Their variety of baked goods like tag-alongs and dairy-free blueberry muffins are some of the most popular offerings.