Steve King's Sioux County town hall

Pedro Ruiz speaks to U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) Saturday, June 15, during the congressman’s Sioux County town hall meeting in Alton. The two men went back and forth on immigration issues. hosts dozens of new news stories daily.

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Here are a few recent articles from some of those publications that you may have missed or that you should give a second read:

Why you should read: Staff writer Randy Paulson said Jayln Decker, the subject of the story, was pretty shy, but the smile on her face upon receiving her Brailler should tell you all you need to know.

Published in the June 26 issue of The Sheldon Mail-Sun.

Why you should read: I’m from the barbecue capital of the world and I’ve never tried smoked bologna or even considered such a concept until staff writer Joe Fisher wrote this story. So if Chad Mahler, the aforementioned bologna smoke master, is reading this I am game for a taste test.

Published in the June 22 issue of The N'West Iowa REVIEW.

Why you should read: Writing about anything with even a hint of controversy is a tough spot to be in for any community journalist because of how close you are to the situation in both proximity and relationships; however, it comes with the territory and staff writer Katie Anderson knocked it out of the park.

Published in the June 13 issue of the Hawarden Independent/Ireton Examiner.

Why you should read: You will never read a more comprehensive history of Sioux Speedway than this one penned by staff writer Eric Sandbulte.

Published in the June 12, 2019, issue of Sioux Center News.

Why you should read: U.S. Rep. Steve King held his third N’West Iowa town and 17th overall in Alton. This town hall also included a viral moment during a debate between the congressman and constituent.

Published in the June 22, 2019, issue of The N'West Iowa REVIEW.