Take 5: Hazel Mahoney growing up quickly

Christina, Hazel and Mark Mahoney visited Mark's hometown of Omaha, NE, over the Valentine's Day weekend.

Hazel turned 3 months old on Saturday, Feb. 15. Where has the time gone?

It’s difficult for my wife, Christina, and me to believe that more than three months have passed since we welcomed our daughter into the world.

We had no idea what to expect, of course, being first-time parents, but it has been an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Don’t worry, Hazel is healthy and happy, and Christina and I are so blessed to have her.

However, my wife and I have had to adjust to different sleeping schedules, which hasn’t been easy.

Christina has returned to work, which means Hazel has to go to day care a few days a week, which has been another adjustment.

Our attention also has adjusted to focus on our daughter as our first priority, but Christina and I also have to remember to continue to value each other.

What has helped us a lot has been our support system, which includes our families in Bloomfield, NE, and Omaha, NE.

We also have friends in Bloomfield, Omaha, Sheldon and Spencer who are there for us if we need them.

Hazel, Christina and I spent a nice evening at home as a family to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday, Feb. 14.

The next day, we went to Omaha to visit my parents, Tim and Judy, as well as a couple of friends.

Saturday’s activities included my dad and I going bowling while my wife and daughter hung out with my mom at my parents’ house.

Christina and I then went shopping for baby clothes while my parents watched Hazel. I never knew a Carter’s store could be so dangerous to one’s bank account.

We ended the day enjoying a good home-cooked meal with my parents and watching Creighton University Bluejays men’s basketball, which my parents are fans of.

On Sunday, Feb. 16, Hazel, Christina and I visited the home of our friends Tony and Jenn Ault.

We hadn’t seen them since September, so they hadn’t had a chance to meet Hazel yet.

They enjoyed meeting her and we caught up with them over a good meal of home-cooked lasagna and rolls.

Three hours passed too quickly and we had to head back to my parents’ house to pack up our things and head home to Sheldon.

Before we left Omaha, I had to stop and get two cheeseburgers from Don & Millie’s, one of my favorite places to eat in my hometown.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older, time seems to fly by faster, though I know that’s not really the case.

However, this past warm winter weekend went by way too fast. And Hazel is more than 3 months old now. Where has the time gone?