Take 5

YouTube can be an odd playground and navigating it blindly can be boring or nauseating. 

However, I found some funny videos to share with those of you who want to be spared the pain of boredom or a clenched stomach. I am not sure how to describe my sense of humor. I enjoy a variety of forms of comedy - self-deprecating, improvisational, wordplay, tropical and dry. The latter might be my favorite. One of my favorite examples of dry humor is "Fawlty Towers" starring John Cleese. 

My rambling is done. If you enjoy the same types of comedy I do, here are some videos you might enjoy:

5) Rammstein vs. Cookie Monster:

If you don't like heavy metal music, you won't enjoy this. 

4) Excited Jack Russell:

It's just cute. I wish I had as much energy and excitement as this little guy.

3) False zombie apocalypse:

You almost feel bad for her.

2) Chewbacca Mom:

This lady's laughter is super contagious. There needs to be more of it  everywhere.

1) Conan the Musical:

Ever hear Arnie sing? 

Honorable mention  How animals eat their food:

The guy on the left has extraordinary patience.