Thanksgiving meal

How much does it cost to feed a family of 10 on Thanksgiving this year?

Just as it has done for the last 34 years, the American Farm Bureau Federation has come up with an answer through its annual Thanksgiving Dinner Price Survey.

“The average cost for the annual feast comes in this year at $48.91, an increase from just one cent from last year,” said Dr. Sam Funk, Iowa Farm Burau Federation (IFBF) director of ag analytics and research and senior economist. “Despite the sixth consecutive year of a downturned ag economy with lower commodity prices, consumers are getting a deal while farmers are getting eight cents of each dollar a consumer spends on food.”

Items included in the survey include turkey, bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, buttered rolls, peas, cranberries, a carrot and celery relish tray, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, coffee and mill all in enough quantities to feed 10 people.

Farm Bureau surveyed 264 volunteer shoppers across 38 states to get its results.

Here is a timeline chronicling Thanksgiving dinner prices since 2001:

American Farm Bureau Federation Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving dinner cost timeline.