Campus Isometric Vector Illustration

Campus isometric background with university building park area and outdoors sports ground vector illustration

As a general rule, something I’ve discovered in the last year or so is college recruiters are really good at their jobs.

My stepson is a senior now, and is hopefully getting closer to making some decisions on his career path and what he needs to do to get there.

That means we’ve been on a few college visits at this point. During every one of them, there were points where I saw things that were so cool I thought maybe I’d like to go to school right along with him.

That’s definitely saying something since my stepson is interested in professions that I would definitely be terrible at.

He likes to work with his hands. He is very mechanical and likes physical-type labor. He seems to have a knack for that type of thing.

I know what some of the tools are called (you know, hammer, wrench, screwdriver) and what they do, not that I ever use them.

I used to. I really did. In high school, it was my mission to never have to work at a fast-food place or do any sales of any kind. I lived in a town that had a population of around 200 and mowed the lawn of basically everyone in town that would let me. I had a whole fleet of lawnmowers, riders and push mowers. I would mow all day long, then once the sun went down I’d service mowers or work on whatever needed fixing to make sure they were all ready to roll the next day.

What I learned then is I have no interest in that. I knew what to do, but that mechanical stuff did nothing but frustrate me.

Now I have a stepson that loves working on things. Good deal. That means I don’t have to.

But when we go on college visits, all of a sudden these guys make it sound like so much fun.

In fact, they make everything sound great. From the housing to the food service to the facilities to the faculty, it’s all sunshine and roses. It’s great fun to go to these places and hear about all the cool programs in place. Even when you have to get up at 5:30 a.m. to make the trip.

In the end, I just hope my stepson finds the right place for him and a job that makes him happy. That’s what it’s all about.