There is something about a song that can bring you back to your childhood. It can make you remember the good times you had as well as the times that challenged your core being.
Growing up, my mom often played her guitar and sang songs to my sister, Kelly, and I. One of her favorites to play was “How Great Thou Art.”
To this day, joy comes to my heart every time I hear “shout of acclamation and take me home” not just because of its meaning but because of the memory of my mom that comes to mind too.
A family favorite on my Papa Bob’s side of the family is a song called “Once an Austrian Went a Yodeling.”

Not sure if many of you have heard that one, but it’s crazy, fun and brings back memories of my Winterfield family such as lining up in my grandparent's house and marching through it singing this song at the top of our lungs.
Then there is “You are My Sunshine,” a classic. This song reminds me that if I can, I should make someone else’s day better.

When I worked at the nursing home in Hawarden, I would sing this to the residents — one in particular would always sing it back to me. This song also brought a new meaning one cold April day when one of my best friends lost her daughter to suicide. This song always reminds me that life is short, that we should keep things simple and not over analyze everything. And it reminds me of a beautiful soul gone too soon.
Finally, a childhood favorite of mine is “K-K-K-Katy” (even though they spell Katie wrong).

My grandma, Dorothy, would sing this all the time. She was my biggest fan and I always admired her positivity. The beat of the song is catchy and whenever I hear it it reminds me of her hard life and the struggles she overcame. It reminds me that “over the cowshed” I will have someone waiting, that she is always with me. 
If you haven’t heard of these songs, I suggest you search them on YouTube or watch them above. I hope they brighten your day, possibly take you back in time to your childhood and help you understand a little bit of why I am who I am today.