Candy catchers

Kaleb and Kiera Bradstream wait for the next parade float.

It was a busy weekend in the Bradstream household.

First we went to the Candy Parade in Hull — the biggest candy parade in N'West Iowa. The amount of people in the parade crowd was immense! The quality and quantity of the candy and various other objects thrown was amazing. We went as a family and so I could take pictures for the paper.

When I got done taking photos, Kiera presented me with a one-pound block of gouda cheese courtesy of Agropur of Hull. 

I did not see anyone else in the immediate area with a block of cheese and found out a man was handing them out to random people as he traveled with the Agropur parade entry. 

Candy grabbers

Of course, the kids were loaded with candy when the parade was over.

Then Kiera went to the play "The Story of the Velveteen Rabbit" in which her friend Aubree had a role. 

Anthony and I met friends for supper and a movie that night in Sioux Center. The movie in question? "Spider-Man: Far From Home." As far as Marvel movies go it was better than "Captain America: The First Avenger" (then again, I am not a fan of Captain Corn Syrup) but not as good as "The Avengers."

On Sunday, Kaleb and I stayed home and got a lot of work done on waiting-in-the-wings projects while Anthony and Kiera went to Sioux Falls, SD.

Kiera had saved her money form her job as a papergirl for The N'West Iowa REVIEW and bought herself a Samsung Galaxy S4.

When it was discovered that the charging cord was not in the Galaxy box, they cut more than half of the price off of it! She attributed it to the lucky candy she ate at the Hibachi Grill just 30 minutes prior.