Some stories you never forget. You’ve heard me say that before.

In my last Take 5: Remembering ‘such a happy baby’ to be exact. 

As Oct. 25 came and went this year, I was reminded of yet another story I wrote three years ago about a Sioux Center family who lost a child suddenly.

As my family celebrated the 9-month mark of our youngest child, it was also the three-year mark of the passing of 4-year-old Ava Dieleman.

Being pregnant with my first child while hearing about the loss of Daren and Kara Dieleman in the fall of 2015 are forever connected. 

Dieleman family

Darren and Kara Dieleman share the story of loosing their daughter Ava in the Oct. 19, 2016, issue of the Sioux Center News.

I encourage you to check out their story from the Oct. 19, 2015, issue of the Sioux Center News to remember a little girl to whom her friends, family and  community didn’t get to say goodbye.

SIOUX CENTER—Nearly a year ago, Daren and Kara Dieleman woke up to a nightmare that sticks with them every day.