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I know I’m an old spirit because I’m always game to watch a good TV game show.

My favorite three game shows to watch growing up were “The Price Is Right,” “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy!”

When I was a child, my father, Tim, would take me to his work sometimes on a weekday during my summer vacation and I would watch “The Price Is Right” during its morning time slot on an old TV with a “rabbit-ears” antenna.

It is amazing how long the hosts of longtime game shows stay on their respective programs. I thought Bob Barker would be the host of “The Price Is Right” forever, but no one is immortal, so I knew he would retire eventually.

I haven’t been able to watch “The Price Is Right” as much since I started working full time in 2007, which is the same year Barker retired as the game show’s host.

Drew Carey is a fine replacement, but “The Price Is Right” will never be the same without Bob Barker, in my opinion.


Like Barker is with “The Price Is Right,” Pat Sajak and Vanna White will forever be associated with “Wheel of Fortune,” as will Alex Trebek with “Jeopardy!”

Growing up, I often watched “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” with my parents after school. I especially loved trying to guess the puzzles on “Wheel of Fortune,” but my mother, Judy, usually figured them out before I did, of course.

My parents and I also loved watching “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” during its heyday with Regis Philbin as the game show’s host.


As I’ve grown up and my life has gotten busier, especially during the workweek, I haven’t had time to watch my original favorite three game shows as much.

However, my wife, Christina, and I became hooked to watching reruns of “Cash Cab” and “Family Feud” on the Game Show Network during the past few years.

That led us to start watching game shows during ABC’s “Summer Fun & Games,” including “ Celebrity Family Feud,” “The $100,000 Pyramid” and “To Tell the Truth” on Sundays.

I don’t know what it is about game shows, but I just enjoy watching good, wholesome entertainment now and then that makes me laugh a lot, especially with how ridiculous a program can become if it goes off the rails.

Call me the oldest millennial alive, if you must, but like I said, I’m always game to try and catch a good game show when I can.