Tom Brady wins again

Staff writer Charlie Hildebrand took a picture of his television of Tom Brady hoisting the Lombardi Trophy for the seventh time in his career.

Tom Brady recently won his seventh Super Bowl, in case you haven’t heard.

As a Miami Dolphins fan, I am not the biggest supporter of Brady. He has hammered the Dolphins many times in my life. My hate level for the man isn’t nearly as high as it used to be though. It may be partly because I’m older now. At 35, really hating an athlete or sports team takes time and effort. I’m busy with other stuff. I still do not care for him and would prefer to see other teams win.

With all that said, it’s hard not to respect what he’s accomplished. In his first year not playing for the New England Patriots, he won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady can now do something I wanted LeBron James to start doing five years ago. He can join a new team, play for them until they win a Super Bowl, then immediate leave and try it all again with a new team.

Here are the five teams Brady could join and lead to a Super Bowl that would be the most impressive.

5: The Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have never won a Super Bowl but have been to four. Do you know what other team had never won a Super Bowl before Tom Brady got there? The New England Patriots. The Vikings signed late Brett Favre in his career, so they are no strangers to starting someone that’s 40 or older.


Plus, I know a few Vikings fans. I don’t think any of them are enamored with their current quarterback, Kirk Cousins. I believe Michael Scott from “The Office” represents their feelings on Kirk Cousins.


4: The Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have played in two Super Bowls but didn’t win either one. Brady winning a Super Bowl in Atlanta, the ninth largest metro area in the United States, would make him much more popular.


3: The New York Jets

Unlike the previous two entries, the Jets have won a Super Bowl before. They won Super Bowl III after quarterback Joe Namath guaranteed a victory.


Hmm, a northeastern quarterback known for his good looks, playing ability, ability to be in commercials and dating models or actresses. Brady might fit in well with the Jets.


2: The Cleveland Browns

Unlike any of the other four teams on the list, the Browns don’t appear to be looking for a quarterback at the moment after Baker Mayfield recently led them to a playoff win.


Still, Brady riding into Cleveland and winning a Super Bowl with a team that Bill Belichick couldn’t win with would be quite the story. I don’t know if Brady truly has any issues with Belichick or not, but I think it’s safe to see he’d love to win somewhere his former coach couldn’t.


1: The Detroit Lions

No other team could have been number one. The Lions have never played in a Super Bowl before. The last league title won by Detroit predates the Super Bowl. The Lions won the NFL Championship in 1957. Brady going to Detroit and winning a Super Bowl there would be like Winston Churchill making Iceland the most powerful country in the world.