Take 5: Rylan's Tomatoes

Some children love vegetables.

Some children hate vegetables.

I don’t remember having real strong feelings one way or another when I was young.

I certainly wouldn’t have expected the excitement I’ve encountered as I’ve embarked on the journey of growing a backyard vegetable garden for the first time.

Things reached a new level this past week after spotting the first green globe growing among the branches of one of our tomato plants.

I’d snatched a couple caterpillars — thankfully they didn't quite match the description of the notorious tomato hornworm according to my Google research — off the tomato leaves at one point and had since made it a point to give the plants a close daily inspection.

It was during one of those evening caterpillar hunts that I saw it. I was so focused on my search for the pests that I didn’t quite believe my eyes at first.

Nestled among the innermost branches was our first tomato.

In my excitement, I gave the rest of our plants a closer inspection. And to my surprise turned up a few more tomatoes in the earliest stages of growth, as well as a couple banana peppers and jalapeños.

Even our container plants have tiny green vegetables growing now.

I’d set the expectations for this first year of gardening exceedingly low, so my feeling of accomplishment at this early stage was palpable.

I know there is a long way yet to go to before the finish line of harvest season.

So, much like our owl decoy Hodor, my watch will continue.