Scott Byers' birthday desk

Iowa Information sports editor Scott Byers' desk, which was decorated to mark his 50th birthday.

So this is 50?

It looks like a few of you may have noticed on our company's social media posts that Sunday was my 50th birthday. To those of you that sent well-wishes, I thank you.

My co-workers obviously had some fun with it, although I have to admit this time was a little more celebratory in its theme than when I turned 30 and they basically turned my whole desk black with the kind of decorations that look more like they are for Halloween. This time it was black AND yellow, which happen to be my favorite colors.

There were streamers and black balloons everywhere when I got back from a district tournament boys basketball game on Thursday (which was a few days before my actual birthday, mind you). The streamers kind of made it feel like I was working in a tent for a couple of days.

I told my co-workers the mid-life crisis signs seemed a little optimistic. I know the science of health care keeps improving, but I somehow doubt I’m going to make 100.

They even made me wear a bit of bling, a sparkling necklace with the number 50 on it that made me feel like an '80s rap star trying to cling to relevance.

There were signs basically anywhere in the general path of where I might walk throughout the office reminding me that it was my birthday, including one on the inside of the door to the men’s restroom. That one did make me laugh out loud. There were signs telling me exactly how long 50 years is (did you know it’s 1,577, 923, 200 seconds?).

The one that really drives home how old I actually am though was one that was just filled with fun facts about events, popular items and costs of different things on the day I was born.

In the world of sports, the Kansas City Chiefs were the Super Bowl champs, so I guess that hasn’t changed, but I’m guessing there is very little chance the New York Knicks are going to win the NBA Finals and you would probably get similar long odds on the Baltimore Orioles winning the World Series this year.

In music, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel was the top song and The Beatles announced they were breaking up.

I kind of take computers for granted now, but back then Radio Shack became one of the first companies to start selling personal computers, Douglas Engelbart got a patent for the first computer mouse and IBM introduced the term “floppy disk” for its storage devices.

Popular holiday gifts included Nerf balls, Lite-Brite and Play-Doh. Yep, I had all of those.

Not surprisingly, back then before the government taxed the daylights out of everything, stuff was actually affordable. A gallon of gas was only 36 cents. A postage stamp was 6 cents. A movie ticket was $1.55. The cost of an average new home was $23,450.

It’s interesting to look back and see how things have changed. Some of it is good and some of it just puts me in that “get off my lawn” kind of mood.

Looking back, it appears I’ve seen a lot over five decades on this earth. Though I forgot about most of it. I guess that’s part of life now too.