Randy's hair is getting too long

My hair is long enough to cover my eyes and touch my shoulders, which means I should probably get it cut soon.

My hair is the longest it has ever been in my life.

It touches my shoulders and can easily cover my eyes if I let it fall in front of my face.

My hair was already getting shaggy before the coronavirus pandemic forced barbershops in N’West Iowa to close back in March.

I don’t usually think about how long my hair gets in winter because I wear a beanie hat during those months to keep my head warm.

That said, I meant to get my hair trimmed sometime in January or February because the last time I went to a barber was back in the fall.

I kept putting it off though, partly because the weather was still chilly enough for my beanie and partly because I was curious to see how I’d look if I kept growing my hair out.

Then came the middle of March when any hope for a haircut was dashed by the statewide closure of all barbershops and beauty salons.

Personally, I’m getting used to life with shoulder-length locks. It requires spending more time with a comb in the mornings and can sometimes get in my eyes if I tilt my head the wrong way, but other than that I don’t mind it.

Not everyone in my life feels the same way, however.

My girlfriend, Maria, initially liked my hair long but recently told me she misses it being short.

My best friend, Jordan, has practically been demanding I get my hair cut since the start of the year.

He and I talk over Snapchat at least once a day, and each time I send a selfie to him, he almost always tells me that I need a haircut.

Sometimes it’ll be in short videos where he’ll just tell me point blank, “Randy, get your hair cut!”

Other times, he’ll send me a still shot of himself with a snarky caption along the lines of, “Still haven’t cut your hair, I see.”

The excuse of, “I can’t because barbershops are closed,” worked great until May 15, when they were able to reopen. Jordan was very quick to point out my opportunity for a new do had arrived.

Like Jordan and Maria, my family also wants me to return to my typical, close-cropped hairstyle.

Since my older sister, Leah, is getting married in early August — and I’m one of the groomsman — their wish will soon become reality.

When Leah, her fiance and my nephews came up to Okoboji over Memorial Day weekend to visit me, my mom and my stepdad, they were all pretty unified in saying, “Randy, get your hair cut before the wedding!”

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Staff writer Randy Paulson's hair is the longest it has ever been. Should he keep letting it grow or cut it?

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