Kanye at his presidential rally

Kanye West at a rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, for his 2020 presidential campaign.

Confession: I love random press releases.

By random, I mean both unexpected and newsworthy press releases and press releases that are odd, have little to do with my coverage area but are still intriguing.

One of the more interesting aspects of my job is the sheer amount of press releases you receive in your inbox and, oftentimes, these are vital. However, sometimes you get press releases that make you scratch your head and they can serious and not serious.

Here are five random press releases I’ve received this and have saved:

Subject line: Burntskin.com is for sale!

My thoughts: I have no idea why this person thought this was something our company needed to know but if anyone wants to purchase burntskin.com the URL is available for “only $398” and it’s appraised at $1,900.


Subject line: Pitbull makes PSA for Conservation

My thoughts: If you want my attention, sending me a press release involving Mr. Worldwide himself is a great way to do it. My only wish is that this press release had a connection to N’West Iowa so I could have a reason to try and score a Pitbull interview.


Subject line: The beauty quarantine tip by Kim Kardashian

My thoughts: L-O-L.


Subject line: Sacha Baron Cohen to Be Deposed in Roy Moore Defamation Case

My thoughts: How a former U.S. Senate candidate from Alabama and Borat could be relevant to our readers in N’West Iowa I will never know, but nonetheless I have saved this press release.


Subject line: Auditor Sand’s Statement on Kanye West appearing on the Ballot this November

My thoughts: So, yes — like the rest of these — this is a real press release and it was issued by Iowa State auditor Rob Sand’s office. Sand sits on Iowa’s three-person State Objection Panel that handles challenges to people’s candidacy.

Kanye West — yes, that Kanye West — will be on Iowa’s general election ballot in November as a presidential candidate. I’m not kidding.

Sand, a Democrat, and fellow panel members — Democrat attorney general Tom Miller and Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate — voted to keep West on Iowa’s ballot. In his release, Sand explained his decision:

“I voted to dismiss the objections to Kanye’s candidacy because in my view of the law he had legally qualified for the ballot. While some people may think his candidacy is not a serious one and is for the sole purpose of hurting former Vice President Joe Biden’s chances in November, politics is not a part of this question. This was an official action, in my official office. The law rules and I’m glad the outcome was determined by law rather than partisanship,” he said.


Want to know something else? All of these examples are just from this year! I didn’t really start keeping track of these until the beginning of the year and my folder has about 40 of these saved although there have been way more and a few I forgot to save including one about a giant blanket being pitched by an NBA player.

Anyway, keep the weird press releases coming!