Meatless Monday soup

With the dreary weather, writer Kate Harlow decided to warm up with a bowl of meatless soup for lunch this Monday. 

Spring is an odd time.

Yesterday we were wearing shorts, lathering on the sunscreen and grilling up dinner.

Today (Monday, May 4) it's cold, rain is imminent and I am definitely not cooking outdoors today. 

It is perfect slow cooker weather.

I decided earlier that I wanted to make some soup. On damp days there is nothing to beat hot soup that warms you all the way to your bones.

I faced a dilemma. I hadn't planned on making soup, so I had to devise a plan based on what I already had in stock and wouldn't take a lot of time to pull together. 

Luckily, I was able to find a recipe for a meatless soup, as it is Monday, and I had all the ingredients in hand. Slow Cooker Chickpea Sweet Potato Stew was the solution!

It was a really easy soup to throw together. The hardest part was peeling the sweet potatoes because they were shaped funny.

Meatless Monday slow cooker soup

Dumping items in a slow cooker is the perfect way to make a meal on a dreary day when time is short. 

But the rest was just dump and wait. That's what I love about slow cookers. 

This recipe was chock full of spices and the smells permeated the whole house while it cooked. By the time it was finally ready, I was salivating. 

Overall, I thought the combination of the chickpeas, sweet potatoes and fresh spinach offered a variety of textures and the spices in the soup packed a punch of flavor. 

I loved the soup and can't wait to have it for lunch again tomorrow. My husband, the unabashed carnivore, hasn't tried it yet as he is at work today. But I can already hear him, "It would be better with chicken."