It is often I get asked what exactly the hashtag BCRS stands for?

So, I thought what a better topic to write about in this week's Take 5 article than the definition of those letters and what we in Falcon Nation believe about work ethic and success.

Correct me if I am wrong, but around here it seems nothing comes easy. You can have as much talent as some of the greatest athletes, musicians or millionaires, but if your mind and your work ethic are slumped or lacking, your success won't possibly reach what it could.

#BCRS stands for Blue Collar, Red Swagger. When you have that blue-collar work ethic, you show up at those open gyms, those morning weight liftings, the music lessons before or after school, you sign-up for extracurricular activities or you participate in quiz bowl and you put in the work we consider blue-collar.

In order to wear that shiny red jersey under the Friday night football lights, the work ethic has to be solid first so you can strut your stuff a bit when those big moments come. And they will come. It may not be in touchdowns, it may be in interceptions like the ones West Sioux defense forced Friday, Sept. 18 against Western Christian.

Below is a sequence of photos that represent kids putting in the work and a coaches that put in the work. The definition of what it means to have a blue-collar work ethic despite their busy lives or the challenges they face each day. They show up. 

The photos below represent just some of the Red Swagger celebrations the Falcon football team had under the Friday night lights of Eneboe Field. 

Celebrating success

A Red Swagger end zone celebration after a touchdown in the game Friday night by Aaden Schwiesow and Levi Koopmans, two of West Sioux's Blue Collar kids.

Hoegh jumps in excitement

Jerome Hoegh jumps for joy during the home football game agains Western Christian. He is proud of his defense when they forced a turnover in a big game.

Schwiesow celebrates with team

West Sioux football coach Ryan Schwiesow pumps up his team to get ready for the next drive in Friday night's game against Western Christian. Schwiesow is proud of the guys who define #BCRS

Finally, a #BCRS embrace

#BCRS — Blue Collar, Red Swagger. Working hard on the field, forcing a big turnover on defense for West Sioux's Don Audas finally gets to celebrate with his coach, Jerome Hoegh. This is the red swagger celebration.


West Sioux sophomore Blake Van Ballegooyen catches a touchdown pass in the en zone and his teammates show him some red swagger celebration.

Strong and Topete #BCRS

Coaching takes a lot of Blue Collar work ethic, but when the Falcons are on the field, the coaches love to strut their Red Swagger. Steve Topete and Jesse Strong work the sidelines Friday night helping to call plays.