My living room

The living room of my apartment, which every Thursday usually consist of me getting Taco John's, drinking some Mountain Dew and watching some TV, such as "Last Man Standing" on Hulu. 

This is my first Take 5 article since I started at Iowa Information Publishers and Printers in February, so I guess you could see this as a "getting to know me" type of article.

I am originally from Sioux City, so I have spent a fair amount of time in northwestern Iowa.

All my life I have been a city person. When I was young, I’ll admit I was not always fond of driving through or staying in small towns due to their lack of size and limited shopping spaces. I was always a bigger fan of going to places like Omaha, NE; Sioux Falls, SD; Des Moines; and Denver because there was a lot more to do, therefore, I was always preoccupied.

A feature I miss about living in the big city is driving around it. Sure, the construction isn’t great and some people drive slow, but that’s going to be at just about every place you go to.

What I miss specifically is seeing the lights on the buildings, whether that is in downtown Sioux City or seeing how busy the parking lot is at the Hy-Vee I used to work at. 

However, since moving to Sheldon, there have been some aspects of it I have been able to enjoy. 

For starters, I like that Sheldon has access to fast Wi-Fi (and it has no data cap). I don’t think I could live without it since I have been using a lot of Hulu, Disney Plus and Sling TV since coming here. Streaming “Last Man Standing" and "The Big Bang Theory" has never looked better.


Another feature of Sheldon I have come to love is when I go to Taco John’s, not only is it right next to my apartment complex, but the manager has come to know me as the “Apple Pay guy” since I am apparently the only one that uses Apple Pay consistently in the restaurant’s drive-thru.  It might sound silly to some, but it is a one of a kind feeling when someone, who sees hundreds of customers per week, remembers you.


Obviously, there are other things that I miss from the big city such as having a Barnes & Noble, Best Buy or Target to go to, but all of those are just an hour down the road in Sioux City.

If I have to say my favorite thing about Sheldon so far, is that I do like everything being nearby. Within five minutes of my apartment, I have Hy-Vee, Fareway, Taco John’s, McDonald’s and two gas stations.

On most days, you don’t need much more than that.

Overall, I’m happy to be in Sheldon and am gradually becoming familiar with the community and the area that surrounds it. 

Thinking about it now just makes me think two words: I'm home.