It was a highly unusual day at The Ridge Golf Club in Sioux Center on Monday as three golfers earned their first career hole-in-one during play at the Sioux Center Health Care Foundation Swinging Fore Scholarships Golf Tournament.

One of those golfers, Cory Tucker of Akron, won a car by holing out his shot on No. 12, a 178-yard, par-3 that requires a tee shot over water.

“I hit it, and I thought it was way deep. I wasn’t even looking at it because I thought it was long, and I was just getting off the tee so the other guys could hit,” said the 39-year old Tucker, who used a 7-iron for the ace. “I knew it was on a great line, but I thought I blew way past it. Apparently, it hit behind the hole and rolled back. It never does that for me unless I’m hitting a wedge or something.”

Tucker said he is not sure what kind of car he won as he still is going through the paperwork process with the sponsors.

“I have a 10-year-old at home who was pretty excited because he’s the only one in the house that doesn’t have a car,” Tucker said. “I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet, but I think he’s going to be slightly disappointed.”

The other aces came from Logan Landsem on No. 15 and Tanner Cleveringa on No. 8.

Landsem, a 24-year-old who lives in Alcester, SD, but works at Link Manufacturing in Sioux Center, said it was only the third or fourth time he has ever played golf in his life.

“One of the guys I was going to play with took me to Alcester on Sunday. He gave me a driver, a 5-iron and a putter and said just try to get used to those,” Landsem said. Landsem used a 5-iron to hole the 142-yard shot.

“There were two ladies there that were working at the tournament and taking photos. I saw them and I thought, now I don’t even have half a chance. I’ll probably whiff or something,” he said. “But I hit it dead straight at the hole the whole way. It landed just shy of the hole and rolled up there until you heard the clank when it went in. That was unreal. I just stared at it with my mouth wide open. I was like, what just happened?”

Cleveringa is a 25-year-old from Sioux Center who works as a full-time firefighter in Sioux Falls, SD. He still considers The Ridge his home course and plays there roughly every other week. Like the others, he had never recorded an ace until knocking in a 185-yarder with his 6-iron.

“I knew I had a good line, but the hole was hidden by a hill. We just kind of watched it disappear, but none of us were too excited,” Cleveringa said. “I thought maybe I’d went past it. We got up there, and it wasn’t on the green and there was nothing in the back. I went up to the hole, and that’s when we saw it was in the hole. That was exciting, especially since I was playing with my dad and some good friends.”

The tournament raises money to award scholarships to students pursuing their degree in a health-care field. In April, the foundation awarded 21 scholarships worth a total of $21,750.

Freak, in a good way

Bruce Feldman of The Athletic puts out a list of his “college football freaks” each season and West Lyon High School graduate Monte Pottebaum made the list.

Feldman ranks his top 100 guys that are extraordinarily big, fast or strong. Pottebaum, a senior fullback at the University of Iowa, is ranked 52nd on Feldman’s list. Here is what the article says about Pottebaum.

“He’s a presence in the Hawkeyes’ physical offense system. He only ran for 76 yards on 15 carries and one touchdown in 14 games last year, but he’s one of the better blocking backs in the Big Ten. He’s also a very explosive, big dude at 6-1, 247, holding Hawkeye position records with a stellar 3.92 short shuttle time and a 435-pound power clean.”

All-state baseball

The Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association released its 2022 all-state lists last Saturday.

In Class 3A, MOC-Floyd Valley junior Nik Wede was a second-team selection in the outfield.

In Class 2A, West Lyon senior catcher Dawson Ripperda was on the second team. Central Lyon sophomore pitcher Reece Vander Zee was on the third team.

In Class 1A, Gehlen Catholic junior pitcher Connor Kraft was on the second team and Gehlen Catholic junior catcher Keaton Logan was on the third team.


Our listing of the All-Siouxland Conference baseball team for the 2022 season last week should have said there were five unanimous first-team selections. Central Lyon sophomore Reece Vander Zee. Vander Zee also was on all of the ballots, joining MOC-Floyd Valley junior Nik Wede, West Lyon senior catcher Dawson Ripperda, MOC-Floyd Valley senior Carter Aalbers and MOC-Floyd Valley junior Carson Jager.