This is going to be an unpopular opinion in at least parts of N’West Iowa, but I would have loved to have been listening on to the conference call among the Class 2A boys basketball coaches who made the state tournament as they came up with the seeding for this week’s event.

While it seems to have worked out in favor of Boyden-Hull, that doesn’t make it correct. Or at least it doesn’t seem that way to me or anyone else I’ve asked in our newsroom.

How in the world can anyone but North Linn be the top seed?

The Lynx are the only undefeated team in the field. Yes, I know that’s too simplistic. Strength of schedule comes into play on that. I trust the BC Moore computer power rankings, and he has North Linn playing only the 86th toughest schedule out of 96 Class 2A schools in the state. I understand they should be docked for that.

North Linn also is the defending state champion in Class 2A. The team it beat in the finals last year by a 60-41 score was none other than Boyden-Hull. North Linn also was the state runner-up in Class 1A in 2018. It has won 50 games in a row since that loss. Its seniors are 105-2 in their careers.

I could see the argument for making the Comets a two seed. That’s where BC Moore’s computer has them. However, a good argument can be made for Treynor in the two spot. The Cardinals are the only one-loss team in the field. That loss, by the way, was to Blue Valley Northwest of Overland Park, KS. For those of you unfamiliar with that part of the world, Overland Park is one of the richest suburbs of Kansas City. And Blue Valley Northwest is the defending state champion in Class 6A, Kansas’ largest enrollment class.

As Charlie Hildebrand and I mentally went over it last Saturday after the substate results were in, we had Boyden-Hull and West Sioux as three and four seeds, in no particular order.

The Comets have one more loss than the Falcons, not to mention Woodward-Granger and Monticello, but have played the toughest schedule of that group. Woodward-Granger supposedly had the easiest schedule of the group, but its only losses were a two-point defeat to a Panorama team that ended up 17-7 and to a Van Meter team that was undefeated and ranked second in the state until Woodward-Granger pulled the upset in the district final. The loss to Panorama was in the second game of the season and was avenged in January. West Sioux was ranked first for the bulk of the year until hitting a slight lull late in the year when senior Baxter Walsh was hurt and senior Kade Lynott was ill. The Falcons obviously have recovered.

Camanche and Monticello are River Valley Conference North foes that split in the regular season. Nobody wants to see that rubber match in the first round at state, but that’s what we got after the coaches’ conference.

Pella Christian played the toughest schedule in the state according to the computer, but it has a whopping 10 losses. No one else in the field has more than three. Just playing tough teams shouldn’t get you a higher seed. You should have to beat a good number of them.

The Iowa High School Athletic Association used to have a certain formula to figure all this out, but no one liked it so it went to the coaches’ seeding meeting.

I’m not sure if Mr. Moore is willing to let them do this, but since nearly every coach I know uses and trusts those ratings, in my opinion it would be better to get rid of all this lobbying that I’m 100 percent certain goes on in the seeding meeting and just go with what the computer says.

For the record, here is the actual seeding of the Class 2A state tournament, which starts on Monday — 1. Boyden-Hull, 2. Treynor, 3. North Linn, 4. Camanche, 5. Monticello, 6. West Sioux, 7. Pella Christian, 8. Woodward-Granger.

Here’s how I would have done it if I had a vote — 1. North Linn, 2. Treynor, 3. Boyden-Hull, 4. West Sioux, 5. Woodward-Granger, 6. Monticello, 7. Camanche, 8. Pella Christian.

And here is how BC Moore’s computer rankings would have had it — 1. North Linn, 2. Boyden-Hull, 3. Treynor, 4. Camanche, 5. West Sioux, 6. Monticello, 7. Pella Christian, 8. Woodward-Granger.

Just some food for thought. Enjoy the matchups and good luck to our area athletes.