Athlete of the Week: Sydney Struve

Feature Q&A with Sydney Struve

What is your favorite pro sports team? Don’t really have a favorite.

What is your favorite college sports team? Iowa Hawkeyes.

Who is your favorite athlete? Simone Biles.

Do you have a pet? Yes, a chocolate lab named Maverick.

Do you have a nickname? Big Syd.

What is your preferred method of social media? Snapchat.

People would be surprised to know that you? Love scary movies.

Which of your teammates is most intense? Hannah Dau.

Which of your teammates makes you laugh? Skye Rehder.

What do you do on a long bus ride? Chat it up with my teammates or listen to music.

What is your pregame ritual? Get fired up and focused by listening to the softball playlist at home games with some of my teammates.

What is your favorite part of sports? Building great friendships with my teammates.

What is your favorite sports memory? Getting second place at state in the 4-by-100 and becoming co-conference champions in softball last summer!