Athlete of the Week: Reece Vander Zee

Feature with Reece Vander Zee

He helped the Lions go 3-1 last week. He threw a no-hitter with two walks and 12 strikeouts in a 14-0 win over Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley.

Where is the coolest stadium/ballpark that you have played baseball in?

I like playing at home, so Central Lyon.

If you could play at any stadium in the world, where would you like to play?

Target Field.

Would you rather strike out the last batter to clinch a win or get a walk-off hit?

Strike out the last batter.

Who is your favorite baseball player?

Byron Buxton.

Who will win the World Series this year?

Toronto Blue Jays.

Besides your own, which high school team has the best mascot?

Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley Nighthawks.

Do you have any superstitions or things that you do before or during every game?

I usually eat Reese’s Puffs for breakfast before I pitch.

If you are attending a baseball game, what are you getting at the concession stand?

Sunflower seeds.

If you got to pick your walk-up music, what song would you chose?

“Middle Child” by J. Cole.

How long could you go without using your phone?

A couple of days.

If you could choose anything for a vacation, what would you choose to do and where would you go?

I would want to travel to every Major League Baseball stadium and catch a game.

What is your favorite sports-related movie?


What skill do you wish you had that you do not possess?

Being an artist