Athlete of the Week: Natalee Greenfield

Feature Q&A with Natalee Greenfield

What is your favorite pro sports team? I don’t have a favorite pro sports team so I normally just go for whoever.

What is your favorite college sports team? Iowa State.

Who is your favorite athlete? I do not have a favorite athlete.

Do you have a pet? I have two dogs. Their names are Bentley and Milly.

Do you have a nickname? Most people call me Nat.

What is your preferred method of social media? I use Snapchat or Twitter the most.

People would be surprised to know that you? I don’t have anything in particular.

Which of your teammates is most intense? Ellie Schley would be our most intense teammate.

Which of your teammates makes you laugh? Sydney Mouw would be our teammate that makes me laugh the most no matter what the situation is.

What do you do on a long bus ride? Socialize with my teammates and sing songs.

What is your pregame ritual? Doing our cheers/dances before volleyball games.