Athlete of the Week: Madison Brouwer

Feature Q&A with Madison Brouwer

What was the favorite Christmas gift you received this year?

Definitely my Keurig; gotta love coffee.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

Yes, to have our team work together and get some wins.

When choosing a basketball shoe, what is most important — brand name, looks or comfort?


Besides your own team, which school has the best uniforms?

Rock Valley.

What is your favorite song your pep band plays?

All of them, our pep band is for sure the best in the Siouxland Conference.

What is your favorite kind of music?

I generally listen to pop.

What is your favorite flavor of sports drink?

High-quality water.

Do you have a pregame ritual?

Yes, the practice before game day every person tries to make a half-court shot. Also, we pray as a team before we play.

What is your favorite part of basketball practice?

Working with my team­mates and the ability to get better.

What is the most frequent thing you hear your coach say?

“Execute, Execute, Execute!!”

Who is your biggest role model?

My oldest brother, Grant. He is very hardworking and was a Drake and state champ.

What is your favorite motto or quote?

“Be strong when you’re weak, brave when you’re scared, and humble when you’re victorious.” — Michelle Moschetti

What is your favorite part about sports?

I enjoy the bond between my teammates and the success earned for putting in hard work.