Athlete of the Week: Jackson Louscher

Feature Q&A with Jackson Louscher 

Scored a combined 72 points in three South O’Brien victories (24 ppg)

What is your favorite basketball shoe of all time? Under Armour Curry 4.

What is your favorite sports movie? “Space Jam.”

What is your favorite flavor of sports drink? Green Apple.

Would you rather score 24 points or have 12 assists? 12 assists.

What is your favorite kind of music? Favorite group or song? R&B and Hip-Hop.

What is your favorite subject in school? American Government.

Who is your favorite pro sports team? Utah Jazz.

What would be your ideal vacation? Santorini, Greece.

Who is your biggest role model and why? My grandpa, he taught me everything I need to know to be a good person.

What skill do you wish you have that you don’t? Sean Negus’ ability to judge a slab of meat; he was a state champion meats judger.

Favorite pregame meal? Kent Faust’s chicken alfredo.

What is the most frequent line or phrase used by your coach? “Victory favors the team that makes the fewest mistakes.”