Athlete of the Week: Isa Granillo

Feature Q&A with Isa Granillo

What is your favorite pro sports team? FC Barcelona

What is your favorite college sports team? Don’t got one

Who is your favorite athlete? Messi

Do you have a pet? Yes 2, Akila and Simba

Do you have a nickname? Isa

What is your preferred method of social media? Snapchat

People would be surprised to know that you ____? Are scared of clowns

Which of your teammates is most intense? Kayden Glade

Which of your teammates makes you laugh? Romario

What do you do on a long bus ride? Pregame tunes and nap

What is your pregame ritual? Listen to some music

What is your favorite part of sports? Being around my teammates

What is your favorite sports memory? Staying at the hotel both times for state soccer