Athlete of the Week: Hayden Heimensen

Feature Q&A with Hayden Heimensen

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Going to Christmas Eve service and then opening presents.

What is your favorite flavor of sports drink?

Blue Gatorade.

Do you have a pet?


Who is your favorite athlete?

LeBron James.

When choosing your basketball shoes, what mattered most — name brand, style or comfort?


What is your favorite subject in school?


Besides playing basketball, what is your favorite winter activity?

Watching Netflix.

What is something about yourself that would surprise people?

I have a twin sister.

What skill do you wish you had that you don’t?

I wish I could sing.

Do you have a pregame ritual?

Talk with my teammates or listen to music.

What is the most frequent line heard from your coach?

“Be in the moment.”

Besides your own team, which school has the best uniforms?

George-Little Rock

What is your favorite sports memory?

Going to state in track.