Athlete of the Week: Dao Keokhamthong

Feature Q&A with Dao Keokhamthong

Who do you think is the best wrestler of all time?

Spencer Lee.

What is the most important skill a wrestler can have?

Being mentally tough.

How much different is your diet during wrestling as compared to football? During wrestling I try to slow down on the carbs.

Are there wrestling skills that help you with football? Football skills that help you with wrestling?

Wrestling has a huge impact in football for me. I’m more aggressive and I focus on little details.

What is your favorite workout you do to improve and stay sharp during the offseason?

I love getting on the mat and rolling around with my brother and Ernesto (Cardenas).

Do you watch MMA? If so who is your favorite fighter?

Israel Adesanya.

What gift did you wish for this Christmas?

Anything involved in hunting.

What is your favorite holiday?


What is your favorite subject in school?


What is your favorite professional sports team?

Philadelphia Eagles.

What does your coach say to you most?

Eye contact. “Eyes.”

Do you have a ritual or superstition you go through before matches?

I talk to my grandpa up in heaven.

What is your ideal future job?

I want to own a business.