Athlete of the Week: Cullen Koedam

Feature with Cullen Koedam

Takes a 33-0 mark into the final event of the regular season

You’ve been asked to wrestle up a weight class or even two a lot this year. What are the challenges that come with that?

Giving up the weight has been hard at times, but certainly it has made me a better wrestler. It has actually been something that I embrace and enjoy.

Is there an advantage you gained by wrestling up earlier once you do get down to your desired weight?

Continuing to learn how to move more weight helps me at the lower weights. This season has been unique and one that has been enjoyable because of the challenge that I have faced in wrestling three different weight classes.

Do you have any tips for non-wrestlers who are trying to lose weight?

Not really. As a wrestler we work in a different manner. We are on very strict diets and put in a lot of extra workouts. We focus on never losing good weight and just cutting fat. My coaches always expect me to be able to wrestle at my best regardless of my weight class.

Who is the best wrestler of all time?

Dan Gable. But I am a big fan of Braden Graff.

Do you watch MMA? If so, who is your favorite fighter?

Yes. Kahbib (Nurmagomedov).

Who do you think will score the first touchdown in the Super Bowl this year?

The Kansas City Chiefs. Most likely Patrick Mahomes.

What is your favorite food?


What is something about yourself that might surprise people that don’t know you well?

I am color blind.

Do you have to scoop snow the old-fashioned way or do you use a snowblower?

Snowblower, but some­times if it is a snow day I shovel it for a workout.

Besides your own team, which school has the best mascot?

The Lions of Central Lyon.

What is your favorite subject in school?

Welding. Mr. (Matt) Debrick is awesome.

Who is your biggest role model and why?

Ty Kaskie is an incredible teammate. He has great work ethic! He works so hard and I believe he has good things in front of him. That being said my dad has pushed me to be the man I am and I respect him so much for that!

What skill do you wish you had that you don’t?

I wish I could do what (chiropractor) Doc Allard does! The man is incredible!