Athlete of the Week: Colton Korver

Feature Q&A with Colton Korver

LAST WEEK 2-0 with a o.50 Earned run average, struck out 20 in 14 innings

What did you do with your time off while sports were suspended? Play 2K and scroll through memes.

What televised sport have you missed the most during the break? NBA.

Do you think Major League Baseball should have a universal designated hitter? No, pitchers are athletes too.

What is your favorite summer­time activity besides playing baseball? Hanging out with friends.

What is your favorite baseball movie? “Bench Warmers.”

Are you superstitious? What is your pregame routine? Not really. Pregame lift in Colby Immeker’s garage.

What skill do you wish you have that you don’t? Hit bombs like Jacob Kramer.

Besides your own team, which team has the coolest mascot? Sheldon.

Who is your favorite athlete? Aden De Jong.

Of all the new rules due to COVID-19, which has been the hardest to adjust to? No sunflower seeds.

Do you have a favorite motto or quote? “Forget the curve ball Ricky, give em the heater.”

What is the thing you hear most often from your coach? “How’s your hamstring doing.”

Who is your role model and why? Daron De Jong, shoutout to De Jong Chiropractic for keeping me healthy.