Athlete of the Week: Billy Rankin

Feature Q&A with Billy Rankin

Who is your favorite athlete? My favorite athlete is Usain Bolt.

Do you have a pet? Yes, I have a border collie named Ellie.

What is your favorite pro sports team? My favorite pro sports team would probably be the Seattle Seahawks.

What is your favorite college sports team? Army Black Knights — go Army beat Navy.

Do you have a nickname? My real name is William but many people know me by Billy.

What is your preferred method of social media? Instagram.

People would be surprised to know that you ____? Enjoy playing the piano.

Which of your teammates is most intense? The most intense teammate that I have had would probably be Elliot Van Kekerix during football season.

Which of your teammates makes you laugh? Either Sam Te Slaa or Beau De Jong.