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About Us

The N'West Iowa REVIEW is the flagship paper of Iowa Information Publishers and Printers, a publishing company based in Sheldon, Iowa. The company is owned by the Wagner family, and was established in 1962 by Peter W. and Connie Wagner, who began publishing The Golden Shopper at that time. The N'West Iowa REVIEW began 10 years later, in 1972, as a regional newspaper covering the four counties in Northwest Iowa. The paper now holds the highest paid circulation of any weekly in the state and has won countless awards in state and national contests.

Iowa Information Publishers and Printers has multiple other publications, including the following:  The Sheldon Mail-Sun, Sioux Center News, The Hawarden Independent/Ireton Examiner, Sioux Center Shopper, The Area-Wide Ad-vertiser, The Phoenix, OKOBOJI Magazine and DISCOVER magazine.