Jerod Work

SIOUX CENTER—Election Day is coming up soon, and when Nov. 2 arrives, area voters can take to the pools to decide who has a seat on the Sioux Center School District Board of Education.

Up for election this year are three seats on the school board, with four contenders. Incumbents are Nathan Bullock, LoriAnne Andersen and Jerod Work. Yeabsira Doornink is the fourth candidate.

School board members serve four-year terms and are elected at large.

Jerod Work, 44, of Sioux Center, worked at Entegro Health for six years, although he is now pursuing other opportunities.

He obtained his degrees in business administration and finance and prepharmacy from Northwestern College in 2000 and his doctor of pharmacy from the University of Minnesota in 2004.

His wife is Sheri, and they have two sons, Peyton and Karson.

Work enjoys watching his sons participate in school activities, coaching, traveling, hiking, biking and engaging with youth through church and coaching. He serves on the boards for Sioux Center Health Foundation and ViBella Serves.

Question: What is motivating you to run for school board?

A: “I am seeking re-election because I am still passionate about the education and well-being of our children and the health of our school district. I would be honored to serve another term and see advancement in the projects that we have started, including the new high school building (along with the other campus shifts that accompanied the new building), implementation of Portrait of a Graduate, growth of the Career and Technical Education department and a sound financial plan.”

Q: What are the main challenges that students and parents face?

A: “Education has transformed from when we were youths. The environment in which our kids learn has definitely changed. Mental health is a bigger challenge than ever and remains priority for all in the district. Fiscal responsibility is also an ongoing challenge that our current board has done well at conquering, but requires continued diligence. With state funding waffling year to year, we must be attentive to the financial status and solvency of the district. Lastly, diversity in many shapes, including economic, cultural, and learning, presents unique challenges but can provide opportunities for enrichment, broadened perspectives, deeper understanding, and character growth.”

Q: What are some areas where Sioux Center School District can continue to improve?

A: “Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a vital concept; even if we are good at something, we must strive to be better. We must always endeavor to provide the very best education for all students. Another area of CQI for us is in communication and transparency with all our players: students, parents, staff and community. It was made apparent during spring and fall of 2020 that it is hard to share too MUCH information and our thought processes. It is fundamental that the board continue to listen and gather the best information, insight, and input possible from all players, including parents, students, faculty/staff, and administration, to make the best-informed decision possible.”

Q: What are you able to contribute if elected?

A: “Passion and experience come to mind first. Foremost, having kids in the district, one in the high school and one in the middle school, I faithfully strive to give them the best educational experience they can have. Secondly, experience on the board is an asset. One of the vital roles of the board is fiduciary responsibility. Along with those finances of the school come the complex system of governmental finance. Experience year over year helps one navigate the fiscal and budgetary maze. Having also attended many additional school-finance educational classes and board leadership classes through the Iowa Association of School Boards, I feel I have bolstered my knowledge of the inner workings of the school system.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: “Again, I thank you for the trust and confidence in electing me to my first two terms on the school board. I would be honored to serve you for another four years!”