Parking spaces set aside for order pickup

Online ordering and grocery pickup will be available for Sioux Center Walmart customers starting Thursday, May 21.

SIOUX CENTER—Online ordering and grocery pick up will be available for Sioux Center Walmart customers starting Thursday, May 21.

“Customers more and more are viewing time as a new form of currency,” said Kelsie Gibbs, Mitchell account executive of corporate communications for Walmart. “Our customers love our Grocery Pickup and Delivery option because it gives them the convenience of shopping online and the ease of quickly picking up groceries or having them delivered to their homes. It’s also easy to use. The site offers ways to save favorites, making it even easier to order next week’s groceries. Our assortment continues to grow with more than 100,000 items available to customers.”

Walmart’s grocery delivery continues to expand across the U.S., with more than 1,000 locations so far. More locations will open throughout 2020.

Here’s how grocery pickup works:

Customers go to or the Walmart mobile app, create an account, then choose a pickup and delivery option, enter their ZIP codes to select a local store and begin creating their shopping lists. During checkout, they select a time to pick up their orders.

“When customers are creating their order, the search feature at the top of the screen makes it easy to directly search for the exact item they need to add to their cart,” Gibbs said. “Customers can also filter items that meet their special dietary needs too, like gluten free, paleo and nondairy products.”

At checkout customers can enter their cellphone number to get a message via text when the order is ready. Messages can be e-mailed if a customer does not have a smartphone.

“Highly-trained personal shoppers carefully select the freshest produce, meats and other items each customer requested,” Gibbs said.

Once a customer arrives at the store after their order is ready, they can park in one of the specified Online Grocery Pickup parking spaces. An associate will retrieve the prepared order and load it into the customer’s car within minutes.

Customers with the mobile app can enter their parking spot number and car color to help the associate find the correct vehicle also.

Receipts are e-mailed once customers receive their order.

If there’s an issue with one of the items a customer received, Gibbs said most refunds can be done from the website or app without returning to the store.

Out-of-stock items?

“Don’t worry — our goal is to deliver as many of your items as possible,” Gibbs said. “If something becomes unavailable, we’re happy to provide an item of similar quality. You can enable substitutions for your entire order or just the items you specify.”