SIOUX CENTER—An acre’s worth of organic strawberries are ready to be plucked this week at the Cornucopia's strawberry patch a mile east of the Sioux Center Pizza Hut.

The Cornucopia offers a variety of organic vegetables that are typically made available only at farmers’ markets.

Strawberries, however, are an exception, and are available for what Cornucopia calls “U-Pick.” People may visit the strawberry patch 9 a.m.-noon Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday near the corner of Harrison Avenue and 410th Street, which is one mile east of the Sioux Center Pizza Hut, and harvest strawberries themselves.

U-Pick strawberries cost $2.50 per pound, and an attendant will be on site to take payments.

Rachel Schroeder is an employee with Cornucopia who helps with harvesting and packaging of their vegetables. She said that overall, this has been a good year for their strawberries, though the season has been delayed by a couple of weeks.

“Usually, strawberry season starts in mid-June, but it started a week, a week and a half later than it normally does,” Schroeder said.

She said the strawberries pass the taste test.

“They’re very, very sweet,” she said. “We eat them at home on ice cream. I plan on making some jam. Don’t really need to add any sugar to it. They’re really good.”

There are many other vegetables that the Cornucopia grows and sells. They also have potatoes, garlic, onions, squash, peppers, celery and lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers: “Just about everything,” Schroeder said.

These other produce they sell at farmers’ markets in Sioux Center on Wednesdays and the region, including Orange City, Sioux City and Sioux Falls, SD.

People can keep up to date on what they have on offer by following their Facebook page, The Cornucopia.