Dumping branches in Sioux Center

Nick Zylstra of Top Notch Tree Service and Stump Removal removes tree branches from a trailer at the waste yard north of Seventh Street Northwest and B&B Salvage. The yard has seen several improvements since fall.

SIOUX CENTER—Much has been improved at the yard waste dump north of B&B Salvage on Seventh Street Northwest, assistant utilities manager Adam Fedders told the Sioux Center City Council last Monday.

A lot of that credit goes to Sioux Center Street Department supervisor Harlan Rus, Fedders said.

Work on improving the layout at the dumpsite as well as cleaning things up out there has gone on since the fall.

The main change has been the moving of the grass pile and the tree pile. The tree pile has moved to the west side of the site, and the grass pile has been relocated to the east.

Moving the piles helps with the flow of traffic, but there is another practical reason behind the move.

As Fedders explained, the grass pile retains moisture when it rains, and that moisture seeps later on.

“So part of it is to try to keep the liquids that drain out of that grass to the east so it doesn’t drain across the entire open space where people have to drive through it,” Fedders said.

Fly ash was added to much of the soil in the fall, which has helped firm up the soil to prevent deep ruts from developing.

The site has been expanded slightly to the north.

“We’ll utilize that for some larger stumps and for sorting and making room for when our tree pile gets chipped,” Fedders said. “It probably won’t be accessible to customers as of right now, but it helps give us a bit more room to spread out some of the larger tree branches that can’t be ground down or hauled away by the company that takes care of that recycling.”

Additional work was done to clean up the yard, such as spraying for weeds, mowing and removing some garbage and cars.

“We’re still working on some signage to remind people this is only for leaves and trees and grass. It’s not a community dump site where you can bring your old fridge or whatever garbage in your house,” Fedders said. “We’re trying to keep it cleaner and trying to keep an eye on it.”

As detailed in a city news release, the materials in the piles are reused. Grass and leaf clippings are used as compost on nearby fields, while the branches are chipped to be burned at an ethanol plant.

“This is a free amenity we provide for the community, and our goal is to keep it free,” Fedders said. “That’s what we’d like and it’s what our community enjoys as well. If everybody can participate in keeping it to only trees, leaves and grass, then we can continue to keep it clean and neat and available.”

The city reminds the public:

• No dirt mixed with roots or rocks. This can be disposed of at the Northwest Iowa Landfill south of Sheldon.

• No construction materials may be placed on these piles.

• No furniture may be placed on these piles.

• Construction materials and furniture must be disposed of at the Northwest Iowa Landfill.

• Empty leaf and grass bags. Do not leave materials in bags.

• Take bags and containers back home with you.

• Do not leave behind beverage containers or other trash.

• Following these guidelines will allow this site to remain free and open every day.