Henry Byl at Sioux Center track

Henry Byl, a physical therapist at ProActive Physical Therapy, gets ready to run at the Sioux Center track. ProActive is planning its first marathon relay for Sept. 26.

SIOUX CENTER—Experienced and novice runners can look forward to a new sort of marathon relay, thanks to the folks at ProActive Physical Therapy: the Track-A-Thon marathon relay.

Teams of eight to 105 people must register by Sept. 16 to guarantee a T-shirt for the marathon relay, scheduled for 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 26 at the Sioux Center track. The cost is $25 per person.

The event will serve as a fundraiser for the Sioux Center Fire Department and the Sioux Center Kiwanis.

This is the first time ProActive is putting on this event, according to ProActive physical therapist Henry Byl.

The teams will complete 105 laps around the track, with people running at least one lap before switching runners.

“You can mix and match running based on your team, the runners you have,” Byl said. “That’s the unique part. Part of the reason we came up with this was because marathons aren’t doable for a lot of people. We wanted an event where we could get a lot of people active with this relay.”

The main idea behind the Track-A-Thon is to get more people in Sioux Center to get active and healthy as they train for and participate in the relay.

Another perk of the relay is that it gives more experienced runners a new way to approach running.

“A lot of long-distance runners can sometimes get in a rut where they’ll run 5 miles and that’s their normal,” Byl said. “Having this where you can run shorter distances with breaks, that makes it more of an interval workout.”

Registration is being handled online and can be done by going to ProActive Physical Therapy’s Facebook page’s event section.

Questions? Call 712-722-1902.