City purchasing land north of Walmart

The city of Sioux Center plans to purchase 54.13 acres of land north of Walmart, which is circled in red.

SIOUX CENTER—The city of Sioux Center plans to purchase 54.13 acres of land north of Walmart.

The Sioux Center City Council approved that land purchase after coming out of executive session at its Aug. 21 meeting.

The purchase, involves buying two agriculture land parcels totaling 36.78 acres and a residential property at 1311 S. Main Ave. from Robert and Melanie Rietema. It also involves buying a total of 17.35 acres of ag land from Kirk and Diane Den Herder.

The city agreed to pay $23,000 per acre of ag land for a total of $1,244,990 as well as paying $350,000 for the residential property.

“The future of recreation trail access, especially on the west side of town, has been talked about for a number of years now,” said city administrator Scott Wynja “In discussions with those landowners about a rec trail possibly going through those properties it was brought up to possibly buy them.”

Wynja said having space to expand commercial development on the south side of town is a need for the community.

“We get calls often from various businesses asking if there’s any commercial development ground available,” Wynja said. “Having this property available for future commercial development is the city’s priority.”

Wynja said the city doesn’t have plans “set in stone” for the property.

“It’s going to take us six to 12 months to determine a plat for that area, including roads and infrastructure,” he said.

Also, the purchase agreement for the ag land won’t be finalized until the end of 2019 and the purchase agreement for the residential property won’t be finalized until fall of 2020.