SIOUX CENTER—The Sioux Center City Council approved an agreement to create a sanitary sewer collection system master plan at its Monday meeting.

City utilities manager Murray Hulstein said the purpose of the Wastewater Collection System Master Plan is to manage collection system assets and plan for improvements needed to accommodate growth.

“As we continue to operate our utility systems, the electric, natural gas and water systems have been fully modeled by our engineers, which enables us to make decisions on extensions and additions to our system,” Hulstein said. “This has not been done with our wastewater system. We have been discussing doing this since the problems we had with our wastewater collection system during the wet conditions we had a few years ago.”

Hulstein said during that time the city had some backup issues and found that areas of the system were not flowing as anticipated.

“Once the Master Plan is complete, we will already have this base work done and will only have the expense of adding new construction,” he said.

Through the agreement with the Spencer-based engineering consultant, Bolton & Menk, highlights three aspects of the work that would go into creating the master plan.

First, the company “will develop land use-based factors and diurnal curves to model sanitary sewer flows throughout the collection system for each sewershed. An estimated 100 total subsewersheds will be studied. This information will then be combined with future land use and appropriate peaking factors to determine peak flow conditions for each sewershed and lift station site. Model inputs will be calibrated based on flow records at the treatment plant.”

Engineers would also would evaluate each of the city’s lift stations to review existing pumping capacities, process piping and electrical controls to allow the engineers to give a recommendation for improvement or rehabilitation of each location.

A third part will include injecting smoke into four regions of the system to determine problematic areas, if any.

The anticipated schedule indicates the flow modeling and analysis along with the evaluation the lift stations would happen May-July and the smoke testing would be done April-June for the creation of the master plan, which may be ready by January 2022.

The total estimated cost is $210,500-$245,500.

“We recommend we move forward with this master plan, which will give us information on our weaknesses and enable us to have a base model where we can do what/if scenarios into the future,” Hulstein said.

The council unanimously approved the agreement.

New position filled

The council approved Sam Rens to fill a new full-time facilities assistant position at the All Seasons Center.

City manager Scott Wynja told the council at its April 7 meeting that several position shifts have taken place since the retirement of former ASC director Dave Ruter. One of those switches involved Colton Waring moving from part-time parks staff and part-time ASC assistant to the full-time assistant parks director position that opened when Dave Egdorf was named the new ASC director.

Waring’s leaving left a gap at ASC when it came to general facilities and ice maintenance.

The new position covers a variety of responsibilities with the Vernon Ice Arena, Siouxnami Waterpark and other aspects of the ASC.

“Sam comes with many qualifications and some past experience that fits him well in this position,” said city manager Scott Wynja.

The city council also approved hiring Brad Waddle to fill a full-time parks maintenance position and Matthew Dykstra to fill a full-time position in the natural gas department.