Marvin Timmer waving

Franken Manor resident Marvin Timmer watches traffic along Highway 75 most mornings, giving a wave to the passing motorists.

SIOUX CENTER—Marvin Timmer has become a common sight for motorists going through Sioux Center. Anyone traveling along Highway 75 in the early morning can spot him sitting in front of Franken Manor, giving passersby a quick wave.

The 81-year-old’s explanation for his daily traffic-watching is simple: “I sit out here just to pass my time.”

He’s been a resident at Franken Manor for two years now and watching the people go by is a good way to start the day.

Timmer receives plenty of waves back and some even honk their horns.

Although he chuckled about how many drivers he sees on their cellphones, Timmer said he has had a couple of people stop to talk with him. That’s welcome since chatting is one of his favorite pastimes.

A father of five and grandfather to nine, Timmer worked alongside his late wife, Shirley, as a dairy farmer near George until moving to Ireton in 2007. He credits his work on the farm for his ability to traffic-watch in all kinds of weather, even on mild winter days.

“Even if it’s 20, 30 degree weather, I’ll sit out there. … I was a dairy farmer and you got to be out there when it’s 20 below or 90 above, you got to get it done,” Timmer said.

These days, however, he is less able to stand serious heat like what Sioux Center has seen recently. That means once the sun peaks out above the trees on the east side of Highway 75, it’s time to go back inside.

Otherwise, Timmer tries to be out there almost every day after he gets up around 5 or 6 a.m.