SIOUX CENTER—With Sioux Center continuing to grow and evolve, the city of Sioux Center has worked to establish a number of master plans for different parts of town to help guide future development.

One of the latest planning sessions featured discussion regarding Open Space Park and the surrounding area, its future and how a potential indoor turf facility might impact the existing spaces and their functions.

According to Sioux Center city manager Scott Wynja, city leaders met with Heritage Board, the parks board, Sioux Center School District and Dordt University on Sept. 29.

Confluence architect Matt Carlile led the discussion through a series of different questions and provided background on master planning and the long-term perspective master plans attempt to provide cities, Wynja said.

That meant talking about future projects and plans those entities such as the Heritage Board, which manages Heritage Village, have for their property and how their plans might work together. One of the questions for each party to consider was how things might look 10-20 years into the future.

Carlile has presented before on different master plans and several renderings and potential future layouts for different parts of town, such as the former site of the Sioux Center Hospital along Highway 75.

No decisions were made at the meeting.

Following the meeting, work will be done at Confluence to draw up multiple renderings and layouts of the Open Space Park area to be reviewed, with notes on pros and cons for each version. It could take another month or so for the renderings to be completed.

It’s important to know that no decisions regarding an indoor turf facility or Open Space Park or Heritage Village have been made at this time, Wynja said.

“Have discussions taken place about locations for certain facilities and layouts? Absolutely,” he said, but nothing has been decided yet. “The biggest thing about this is trying to dispel rumors flying around that if we build an indoor turf facility, it’s going to cover the entire space of Heritage Village and the youth fairgrounds. I don’t know how big they think this facility is, but it’s not that big of a building.

“I think once we get some of these renderings done and they see the layout of the buildings and access roads and parking lots and access for students and the public, everyone will get a better idea of how this all can actually work together.”